Jackey Coyle

What I do


I’m a jobbing writer who loves delving into a topic and then putting it into words. I aim to engage with meticulous research, audience awareness, easily navigated layout, quickly grasped overviews, precise detail and concise language. My published work? Books, both authored and edited; online features; profiles, features, reviews and interviews in music and lifestyle magazines.


I’m editing books and theses these days, while assessing manuscripts, proofreading and mentoring authors across nonfiction, fiction, magazines and annual reports. I aim to make each project more readable and engaging – and therefore appeal to your target audience – after we work towards better understanding and impact, check facts, and polish spelling, grammar and formatting.


After a couple of decades teaching postgrads, presenting freelance workshops and performing MC and speaker roles, I now tailor workshops on writing or freelance skills, either direct or through Writers Victoria.​ Since 2006, I’ve developed and presented a monthly radio segment on music and music writing

And there’s more …

This website is about my own writing as well as my publishing business, Wordy-Gurdy.

Click these links for more about writingmanuscript assessmentediting, proofreading and publishing. For radio playlists, go to the blog.

Whether it’s magazines to books, fiction to nonfiction – it’s all about engaging each reader, getting the facts right and paying heed to the details.

  • Publishers – we‘re open to authoring, editing, research and proofreading.
  • Authors – we mentor and coach, assess manuscripts, edit, proofread and publish.
  • Businesses – we write or edit newsletters, brochures, annual reports and websites.
  • Students and academics – we edit theses, journal articles and multiauthor journals.
  • Feelance creatives – we mentor and train.

Contact me here about your project.