FAQ-IMG_0432-whitenightCan you edit my thesis?

Yes, we surely can, although we’re limited as to how much we can edit scholarly works in Australia. These criteria are set by IPEd, our national professional association, so as not to breach academic standards. See more here. You’ll also find indications of costs, which we can finetune once we see your project and assess the time involved.

How much do you charge per hour?

How do you compare a fast, accurate editor with a slow one who makes lots of errors? Certainly not by cost per hour. Many factors influence a quote – hours to complete, specialist knowledge required, the complexity of the work etc.

How do I go about getting a quote?

We’ll look at your project and ask you some questions so we know exactly what you’re after and can give you an accurate estimate. We’ll take into account things like what type of editing is needed and any elements that will take extra time. Think of a builder visiting the site to assess a job.

How do I know what kind of edit I need?

There are three levels of editing as well as manuscript assessment. We can advise. For example, if a structural edit is needed your money may be better spent with a manuscript assessment. This will give you direction as to any major areas that need work, then a copy edit or proofread will polish it ready to present to a publisher or self-publish.

Can’t you just give me a ballpark?

Yes, you can usually contact us for a price range. We can finetune it once we see your work and what’s required.

Do you work online or on hard copy?

Whatever suits you and your project.

Why should I choose Wordy-Gurdy?

  • Your project is not like anyone else’s. We understand that.
  • We work to deadlines and accurate quotations.
  • We bring our expertise and experience to your project to make it the best it can be.

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