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contactWe’re fully booked until July. 

Get in early to block in time! We’ll be assessing new projects from May onwards.

If you’d like a writing or editing estimate or quotation, please email a sample of your project. This can be as short as a synopsis or a few chapters, or as long as everything you’ve completed so far. We will get back to you from May onwards with the information you need.

These details will help:

  • what is it – e.g. book, story, thesis etc
  • what it’s about – fiction, nonfiction, genre etc
  • how many words you need edited or written
  • how you would like to publish it – e.g. submit to publisher, self-publish, print, ebook etc
  • what help you would like
  • any deadlines or timelines.

We’ll get back to you in about two business days from May onwards. 

T: +61 414 411 868 – office hours 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday









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