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Are you after an estimate? Every project varies, so we need information to figure out the time needed.

For a writing estimate or quotation, get the ball rolling with an introductory email giving an outline or synopsis of your project.

For an editing estimate, a sample is best – from as short as a few chapters, to as long as everything you’ve done so far. These details will help to assess the time it will take:

  • what it is – e.g. book, feature, story, thesis
  • who it’s for – genre, readership
  • what it’s about – be as general or specific as you like
  • how many words – how much you need edited or written
  • how you would like to publish it – e.g. submit to publisher, self-publish, print, ebook
  • what professional help you would like
  • any deadlines or timelines.

We’ll get back to you in one to two business days during office hours. 

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